Sunday, May 22, 2011

My weekend in photos

 Rather than write about my weekend, I'd like to show you just what happened. I made it my weekend project to take photos of everything that happened.

 What a way to kick off a Saturday right? Socks and sandals sitting across from me on the train. These two folks were from the UK, the people sitting next to them were from France and the people sitting next to me were from Spain. That's the reason I like the train.

 Finally saw Thor and I've got to tell you, I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. Not all superhero movies get me to go to the theater to see them but I'm really glad I went for this one.

 This might not look all that exciting but the backstory is that I haven't fit into this size jeans since high school. Therefore, it warrants both the smile and the mention here.

 My new pick up line. For sure.

 Central Park North. I'm never up here but because of some train confusion, I ended up walking through up here.

 A church a few blocks from where I live. Amidst all the boring apartment buildings and fried chicken places, there are gems like this. I love that.

 Next it was onto a pretty great sports bar to watch a pretty great Dallas Mavericks beat OKC.

 The top gold shoe is the girl next to me and the bottom gold shoe is mine. We were obviously meant to sit by each other. Also, they were French so it was a nice bookend to the day. Shoes and shoes.

 How I started the night in a sports bar and ended the night in Serendipity sitting under a pink mirrored butterfly still baffles me, but hey. Anything goes here and I'd do anything for the peanut butter frozen hot chocolate. Anything. The walk home was actually kinda awesome. I truly think that walking by Central Park at 2 in the morning when it's foggy outside is probably the most calming and peaceful walk you can take in Manhattan. No one is out there, it's quiet, the lights in the park give off just enough light to make it look whimsical. And listening to Sarah Brightman while doing it? It doesn't get much better, no matter how tired you may be.

 How every day should begin, but since I'm trying to fit into those jeans mentioned above, it doesn't happen daily. But today, I went for it. If I had to choose between Dunkin and Starbucks, Dunkin clearly wins out.

I think this tie was made specifically for me. Really, I think it's the perfect tie for me. And I think this wall of scarves was made specifically for my friend Cheryl. And can we talk about the clientele of TJMaxx in Manhattan? Not the same kind of shoppers you find in a TJMaxx in Texas. That's for sure. Trendy folks with all sorts of trendy home decor. It really reshaped my view on the bargain store.

So that was pretty much my weekend. Maybe next weekend I'll document everything that happens again. Who knows what could happen then right?

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