Monday, May 23, 2011

More awards?

We live in a strange society where we want to throw accolades at celebrities whenever we get the chance, even if they don't really deserve it. Last night, the Billboard Awards were on and I always have questions when this show airs. Don't they already know they won? Can't they just calculate it through their songs and how much they sold? That then begs the question, why do these awards exist? They've already got the money in their pockets, isn't that award enough?
Apparently not. So the awards came back last night (probably because ABC saw that awards show ratings have been up and this was a chance to cash in) and while you know I love a good awards show more than anything, the whole thing felt calculated and phony to me. The performances were great (mostly) and it was entertaining to watch Ken Jeong try to host what I think was an un-hostable show, but I just thought that maybe there was something more redeeming that could have filled that time slot? I mean, this is a big week for television. Lots of finales, most importantly being Oprah's. And really? Beyonce getting a "Millennium Award?" Someone at Billboard must be working for her because that was a nonsense move to promote her new album.
That being said, I love me some Britney and I love me some Peas. Spectacle still sells and seem to pull it off whenever they take the stage. Shoot. Britney just walks out on stage and she becomes a headline whether she warrants it or not.
But I suppose that's how it goes these days. I'm going to be interested to see what "celebrity" looks like in about ten years. I don't think it will look anything like it looks today, just like today, it doesn't look anything like what it did ten years ago. Who knows. Maybe you'll be able to read all about it BLEEP and BLEEP UK. A guy's gotta dream right?

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