Friday, May 27, 2011

The week that was

I would like to walk you through what I've learned this week, on basis of the songs that just played in a row on my internet radio. (Yes, this happened and was just as awesome as it will sound)

From The Bottom of my Broken Heart (Britney) - I recently wrote about the fact that I my heart broke. I'm happy to say that it's on the mend. That post actually caused me to get quite a few texts from people, once again reminding me of the really amazing people in my life.

My Heart Will Go On (Celine) - What a great rebound some from the first one huh? Plus, there's no one that can get me going and get me feeling awesome like Celine. I feel like a good Celine ballad is just the anecdote to a crappy day. I mean, when she hits that last chorus, it's like the metaphorical mental clouds part and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then I give myself a good beat on the chest, sing with her and move forward victorious. Don't you?

Candy (Mandy Moore) - This song serves as a good reminder. See, I've got this sweet tooth, as so many of us do, but I'm trying to repress mine so that I can slim down...and it's working. But that doesn't mean that I don't still want it. There are days when that's not a problem...and then there are days that 'I'm cravin for you...I'm missin you like candy..."

Waiting for Tonight (JLo)- The American Idol Finale was this week and while you know I gave up Idol after Pia was booted, I was sure to watch the finale (mostly to see Pia sing again). It was interesting to watch a finale of a show that I didn't have an vested interest in and made even more interesting by the fact that this was the first Idol finale that I didn't care about in some way. And you know what, I don't think I would have missed much had I not watched it. Though, I must give her credit, Mark and GaGa falling off the cliff, that was pretty great.

Kiss From a Rose (Seal) - Well that's just a great song.

You Learn (Alanis) - Aren't we all? Learning. Every day this week, I think I've learned something new. How to be patient, how to be impulsive, how to go with the flow. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

I'll Remember (Madonna)- What a perfect song to encapsulate this week? This week, we said farewell to Oprah's show and all that she brought into our living rooms each day. Now you know, if you've read even a few posts on here, of my love for Oprah and the power that she has to change people's lives. Daily, I try to harness that same power in my own life, working to create something I can be proud of when I go to sleep at night. Not only was her final episode perfect, but it was a poignant reminder that a steady, truthful voice on television will not be heard daily any longer. She was a lot of things, but a seeker of knowledge and truth is what, I feel, epitomizes her the best. I like to believe that I am that same way. Seeking out the validation of my motto, and this blog's namesake. Truth is truth. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

More awards?

We live in a strange society where we want to throw accolades at celebrities whenever we get the chance, even if they don't really deserve it. Last night, the Billboard Awards were on and I always have questions when this show airs. Don't they already know they won? Can't they just calculate it through their songs and how much they sold? That then begs the question, why do these awards exist? They've already got the money in their pockets, isn't that award enough?
Apparently not. So the awards came back last night (probably because ABC saw that awards show ratings have been up and this was a chance to cash in) and while you know I love a good awards show more than anything, the whole thing felt calculated and phony to me. The performances were great (mostly) and it was entertaining to watch Ken Jeong try to host what I think was an un-hostable show, but I just thought that maybe there was something more redeeming that could have filled that time slot? I mean, this is a big week for television. Lots of finales, most importantly being Oprah's. And really? Beyonce getting a "Millennium Award?" Someone at Billboard must be working for her because that was a nonsense move to promote her new album.
That being said, I love me some Britney and I love me some Peas. Spectacle still sells and seem to pull it off whenever they take the stage. Shoot. Britney just walks out on stage and she becomes a headline whether she warrants it or not.
But I suppose that's how it goes these days. I'm going to be interested to see what "celebrity" looks like in about ten years. I don't think it will look anything like it looks today, just like today, it doesn't look anything like what it did ten years ago. Who knows. Maybe you'll be able to read all about it BLEEP and BLEEP UK. A guy's gotta dream right?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My weekend in photos

 Rather than write about my weekend, I'd like to show you just what happened. I made it my weekend project to take photos of everything that happened.

 What a way to kick off a Saturday right? Socks and sandals sitting across from me on the train. These two folks were from the UK, the people sitting next to them were from France and the people sitting next to me were from Spain. That's the reason I like the train.

 Finally saw Thor and I've got to tell you, I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. Not all superhero movies get me to go to the theater to see them but I'm really glad I went for this one.

 This might not look all that exciting but the backstory is that I haven't fit into this size jeans since high school. Therefore, it warrants both the smile and the mention here.

 My new pick up line. For sure.

 Central Park North. I'm never up here but because of some train confusion, I ended up walking through up here.

 A church a few blocks from where I live. Amidst all the boring apartment buildings and fried chicken places, there are gems like this. I love that.

 Next it was onto a pretty great sports bar to watch a pretty great Dallas Mavericks beat OKC.

 The top gold shoe is the girl next to me and the bottom gold shoe is mine. We were obviously meant to sit by each other. Also, they were French so it was a nice bookend to the day. Shoes and shoes.

 How I started the night in a sports bar and ended the night in Serendipity sitting under a pink mirrored butterfly still baffles me, but hey. Anything goes here and I'd do anything for the peanut butter frozen hot chocolate. Anything. The walk home was actually kinda awesome. I truly think that walking by Central Park at 2 in the morning when it's foggy outside is probably the most calming and peaceful walk you can take in Manhattan. No one is out there, it's quiet, the lights in the park give off just enough light to make it look whimsical. And listening to Sarah Brightman while doing it? It doesn't get much better, no matter how tired you may be.

 How every day should begin, but since I'm trying to fit into those jeans mentioned above, it doesn't happen daily. But today, I went for it. If I had to choose between Dunkin and Starbucks, Dunkin clearly wins out.

I think this tie was made specifically for me. Really, I think it's the perfect tie for me. And I think this wall of scarves was made specifically for my friend Cheryl. And can we talk about the clientele of TJMaxx in Manhattan? Not the same kind of shoppers you find in a TJMaxx in Texas. That's for sure. Trendy folks with all sorts of trendy home decor. It really reshaped my view on the bargain store.

So that was pretty much my weekend. Maybe next weekend I'll document everything that happens again. Who knows what could happen then right?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I feel

I recently felt my heart break. Well, I think it's been a slow break. More like a cracking that finally split open. And what's funny is, it wasn't for the reason I thought it'd be. It's not like I've had some sort of traumatic experience or anything or that I've been done wrong. It's just been a long time coming and it finally came apart. How depressing.
But you know, my first thought after I felt my heart sink into my feet was, "I feel." Kinda like at the end of the first Pirates movie when Geoffrey Rush gets stabbed (that happens to be what he says). Except I wasn't stabbed and I don't have a pet monkey, though if I did, I would name him something awesome like Trigger or Tracy Morgan. But my first thought was "I feel."
I realize how all of this must sound. "What's wrong with the boy?! Does he feel dead inside?! Do I need to get him an appointment?!" No on all counts. It's just that when you're going through a change of life, there are growing pains and I've been suppressing mine for a while I guess. Well game, set, match, love love deuce. It's all out there now.
I think we need to allow ourselves to feel things sometimes just to remind ourselves we're not invincible. We aren't made of stone. I have a tendency to bottle things up (and blurt them out at the worst possible moment) and I think that a little emotional blurting would do us all some good. We aren't these stone structures of solidarity we like to present ourselves as. At least, I'm not.
No, I'm not in the throws of an all out emotional breakdown. I'm fine. Listening to Adele and Sarah Brightman, dreaming of living in London one day, drinking coffee - all the normal things I do each day. I just felt like maybe I wasn't the only one who has a rough patch every now and then - so I thought I'd share where I'm at.
I'm gonna go listen to Suddenly Seymour now. If you'd like to be reminded why, read THIS entry from a while ago.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Ballad of Ryan and Bill...and Ted and Frank

I found out I had a new friend last week and usually that's the sort of thing that I love. I love new friends and new people...usually. But the problem is, Bill is a mouse. A New York City Mouse that decided to become a squatter in my apartment. Granted, he only tried to move about the apartment when I was not here or when I was asleep, as all polite house guests should. But I couldn't let Bill stay here. I mean, this is Manhattan for the love of God. Rent is so expensive I can barely afford to live here, much less afford to house Bill. So I made the decision that Bill had to leave. He was not a fan.
It took some coaxing and ultimately, it didn't end well for Bill. He found himself in a sticky situation (glue traps) and I had to remove him from my home. So that was the end of my uneasy friendship with Bill. But that was only the beginning of my friendship with Ted...and eventually Frank.
You need to understand that I don't live on Park Avenue, so mice can get in. I've since fixed the problem and performed a rodent exorcism of sorts but that's another tale entirely. But when I realized that Bill's friends were also trying to exercise their squatter's rights, I knew it had to come to an end.
I'm a lot like my father and I always have been. When I was an obnoxious teenager, I wasn't a fan of that fact because I was hell-bent on being my own person and not being a carbon copy of someone else (insert the obvious irony here about teenagers all dressing and acting exactly alike, all the while saying they are being an individual) but as I got older, I realized that we actually aren't carbon copies of each other, but that the similarities we share are actually pretty great. Well, this is one such instance where our similarities shine through.
See, my father has a problem with bees. By that, I mean that he becomes a problem for bees. His mission (which is always accepts) is to rid the backyard porch of the bees that are the size of small birds. You know when Luke Skywalker is flying into the Deathstar to make that final shot and he's so focused and so determined (and using the Force but that's neither here nor there) - that's my dad when it comes to these miniature Deathstar bees that plague the porch each year. And sad to say for Bill, Ted and Frank, I inherited that same drive. They had to go and I was going to use whatever Force I could to get it done. They didn't make it one more night and there's no need for me to go into how I destroyed them.
And so that's how I lost three friends and I am pleased to say that none of their friends have been allowed to visit. And through all of this, through all of the Kill Bill puns and unwelcome house guest jokes, the moral of the story was clear. NOT IN MY HOUSE B***H.

This concludes the Ballad of Ryan and Bill...and Ted and Frank

(This blog is so full of Star Wars references its unbelievable. Those references dedicated to Ryan and Bryce)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

RIP Walkers

I've been in mourning for a few days.
Brothers and Sisters won't be returning.
I'm not sure there's a lot to say here. It was my favorite show on television and now it's gone.
I always imagined that we were all a part of the Walkers and we went through things with them.
So rather than ramble on and on about how wonderful it is (I've done that many times before), I will just say this. I loved it. I waited for it each week. It will always be one of my favorite shows. I will miss the fam.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Mona Lisa moment

I had a moment today when I realized that the new issue of BLEEP hasn't even been out four days yet and almost 500 people have read it. See, it started as this little idea that grew to include a small group of people. Then it grew to include a larger group of people and now it's exploded into our third issue which features no less than two dozen different writers and like I said, almost 500 people in less than four days.
So I had a moment today and I realized I was having Julia Roberts' moment. That's right. I'm guilty of moment theft.
See, there's this moment at the end of Mona Lisa's Smile where she's sitting in the backseat of this car and is driving off, away from the school and the girls that she believes in. Then, as only movies can make happen, the girls come riding up next to her on their bikes and they're crying and she's crying and it's a beautifully crafted moment. But that's not the moment I stole. I stole the next moment, when she sits back in the car after it's passed them by and you can tell she takes a second to think about how loved she is and then a smile just bursts onto her face with a slight to moderate chuckle. That's the moment I had/stole when I thought about how many people are interested in this issue.
I'm not quick to take the credit and I feel like others are too quick to give it to me honestly, because this magazine really is a colossal team effort, but I know it was my idea initially and the fact that people are grasping hold of it is blowing my mind really. So this is a thank you to everyone who read it and who will read it. It means a lot to me.

If you haven't read it, be sure to click HERE.