Friday, April 1, 2011

This foolish day

April Fools Day is lost on me. I don't get the appeal. I mean, when you're a kid, there's something fun about a day when you can put a fake spider in the teacher's desk or something, but about the time you hit age 12, April Fools starts to lose its appeal.
Why 12? Because that's when the jokes start to become less funny and more hurtful. Right? Once you're in junior high, it's like we lose all our logical sense that our parents are trying to teach us and we just rip into anyone in the name of this Fools day. I understand that there's this whole movement against bullying and I am one hundred percent backing that. Coming from someone who was bullied, no kid should have to go through that. Having said that, being bullied also shaped who I am, gave me my take-no-prisoners personality and gave me my wonderful sense of spite toward people who are inconsiderate, unimportant or all-around stupid. So no, I wouldn't change that, but I'm all for coddling this generation and pacifying them further. It's like we don't want our kids to go through anything in life anymore right?
(Again, bullying is bad and one day, I will get my revenge on those who bullied me. They will be written about in my memoir and during an interview someplace, I WILL NAME NAMES. This serves as a formal warning)
But back to this day. What's the point again? Who actually celebrates this day with any sort of gusto? And if you're a person who celebrates this day, why would you waste your time on it? What good is it doing anyone for this day to exist?
Maybe I'm just upset because today, April 1st, it snowed and rained on me on my way into work this morning. This Texas boy doesn't know what to do with snow in April. Shouldn't everyone be in shorts and playing sand volleyball at this point? Granted, having seasons in New York is so much better than the alternative of having zero seasons in Texas. But I digress...
April Fools Day is a rather pointless holiday, the likes of which I will not celebrate or condone. And to illustrate the pointlessness of this day, I included this equally pointless picture in this blog. This is my digital protest.

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