Thursday, April 28, 2011

A story of Ben, Ryan and Holly

I wish I was in London right now for a myriad of reasons. I will list three.

1. I want to go to Ben's Cookies in Covent Gardens and sit and watch the street performers. It's my favorite thing to do in London.
2. I want to see all the royal wedding mayhem for myself. I mean, this wedding is a global event. It's like the Olympics of romance and I wish I was there to see all the spectacle for myself.  You know, it's really fun to see all the coverage on TV and know that I lived within walking distance of Westminster Abbey less than a year ago. I mean it. We lived like 10 blocks from there. How amazing.
3. I need a break and going to London would be such a great break.

I love that place and I kinda feel like a part of me is still over there somewhere. Probably in line still for more of Ben's coconut cookies.

You know, going there was really the trip of a lifetime. I mean, I'm a New Yorker at heart - New York is my favorite place on Earth to be. And everyone says "Oh you love New York so of course you love London." And yeah, that's true, but I think there's more to it than that. London has a different vibe. It's more international without feeling intentional about it. New York is full of so many cultures and I truly believe it's the greatest city in the world, but there's something easy about London. It's just different. I wish I could put my finger on exactly what it is. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when I lived in London I was mostly roaming around the city freely all day, doing whatever I wanted and I didn't have to worry about real life at all.
But you know what, as I type that phrase "worry about real life," I am struck by the fact that all my playing in London was shaping the real life I'm living currently. It's changed the way I think about things.

So, I say cheers to the royal couple. And cheers to London. And cheers to my Holly. And cheers to Bens Cookies. (Don't worry gang, I've emailed them recommending a Bens be put in New York)

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