Friday, April 29, 2011

So Royal

In order to celebrate this massive pop culture moment, I chose some of my favorite photos from the wedding that I've seen so far. What? I miss London. Give me a few blog posts about Londonish things alright?

 How stunning.
 Pink tie. Her dad's got style. I will be the same when I'm his age. And I love all the hats in the background. Americans must have revolted against the Brits tradition of hats during the war too and I think we are a less fashionable nation because of it.

 She looks amazing, like a regal princess should look. I mean, it's not over the top, it fits her perfectly, he looks awesome in all his regalia. I want to be their friend. He's only a year older than I am. It's not completely outside the realm of possibility. Don't push the rinse cycle on my dreams.

They always look flawless and look at them now. It makes me sick inside a little bit because they are so flawless. She's pregnant and she's in those heels and that hat. I want to be their friend too.
Imagine the dinner party with these folks. Talking about football, talking about being royal, talking about being a Spice Girl. Could there be a better dinner party? I don't think so.
Life goals list addendum: Dinner party with these four people. Hey, it could happen.

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