Saturday, April 9, 2011

Part Two of my life began last night

I never thought I'd be writing this so early in my life. I mean, I really thought I had such a long road ahead of me but that has proven to be untrue. Last night, I entered the second stage of my life.
Some people describe their life in chapters and I am certainly one of those people, but just as the Harry Potter series is one big story with 7 books and many chapters within each book, so are we right? Well, I started the next book of my life last night.
Please understand that all my life, I've been searching. Searching for something very specific, something of meaning, something of perfection. And for the past almost 28 years, I've been searching. Last night, I found what I was searching for. After almost three decades of concentrated effort, I found it.

The perfect vanilla cupcake candle.

And in the most unlikely of places. You'd think it would be a boutique or someplace undiscovered. But no. Right there inside a Target was the perfect vanilla cupcake candle.

It's an amazing feeling really. Knowing that you've found what you've been looking for. It feels a bit like an emotional exhale really. And then you know that in your next breath, something new is going to begin. I don't know what exactly, but something new.
It's strange not knowing. What will I chase after? What will I search for now that I've found the object of my lifelong hunt? All the sub-par vanilla candles I went through has led to this. It's like I've been trekking through Mordor and now I've finally destroyed the ring that's been plaguing me. But unlike Frodo, I'm not gonna go get on a boat and sail off into the whatever he sailed off into. No. That's not my style. I'm gonna chase after the next thing. What that will be, I don't know, but I'm going.
This is an exciting Part Two. This is a thrilling Part Two. This is an American Idol-less Part Two (with the ridiculous ousting of the best singer that's been in the competition in probably three years, I'm officially done, deleted it from my DVR and I will have nothing to do with a show that celebrates an American public that votes for Taylor Hicks Part Two because he has a beard. Absolutely not. It's rubbish.) It's a semi-carb-less Part Two (I try really hard not to eat them...I try. I'm only human though and sometimes, cupcakes look too good) Which brings me back to the reason why I'm here in the first place. The perfect vanilla cupcake candle.
Part two now begins.

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