Saturday, April 16, 2011

The only thing to fear...

I would like to talk about fear.
This is a picture from an upcoming 3D movie where, apparently, sharks are eating people in bikinis. I thought we'd had this already, but apparently, we needed a bloodier version. This terrifies me and the thought behind this is part of the reason why I can't go swimming out in the ocean. That and the fact that a giant squid would be able to sense my fear from a hundred miles away and would come to devastate my existence. Sorry oceans. I'm through with you.
Fear is a funny thing to me because so many times, we are irrationally fearful of things. And usually, those irrational things we're afraid of are not founded in anything. There's no reason for us to freak out or have a panic attack about it. It's like we all forget what we're told when we're young: Just count to three and breathe. Don't they teach puppets that on Sesame Street? I mean, really.
Well there are things that I'm fearful of. Sure there are. But I find that as I get older and I get up the nerve to confront these fears, I just have to count to three, breathe and rip the bandaid off. Just do it. Just go for it. Just say it. Just whatever. Whatever it is that needs to happen. It doesn't make it any less scary really,but it makes it mine. I am the one that's going for it. I'm the one that's saying it. I'm the one that's admitting it. I'm the one in control. Oprah says stuff like this all the time. She's always saying we need to take control of our own destiny and all that but I think there's some truth to it. We aren't these helpless creatures who are existing in a forlorn land. We have the power to control ourselves in this life. We have the ability to go for things when we want them or to confront things when we're scared. We are a far more powerful people than we give ourselves credit for oftentimes.
That doesn't change what I said about the ocean. I'm still not going out there. Beaches are fine, but I'm serious. There is probably an army of giant squids with eyes the size of dinner plates that are plotting my demise. I refuse to give them the satisfaction. I am the one in control. Not the squids.

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