Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mugatu did it again

There are a great many things one could do on a Sunday afternoon. You could sit outside with friends, you could run errands, you could take a long walk, or you could stumble upon a Britney music video block on FUSE, stop everything you're doing and just relax and enjoy. Can you guess which of those I'm currently doing?
And see, I had every intention of changing the channel. Every intention of being productive. Every intention of adding something to society today. Then Oops came on.

So here I still sit, watching the Oops video after a slew of about ten other videos, relaxing and happy and you know what? I'm fine with it. I think it's a good use of my time actually. Who takes time to relax these days? We're all so busy, always going, always filling our time with people and places (most of which probably don't matter) and we never take time to just be alone and relax. It's like recharging a battery right? Some people think that's what sleep is for and I agree to an extent, but what sleep doesn't do for me is allow my brain to relax. Britney did that today for me.

Even Mugatu said we needed to relax and everyday we're reminded to take a little time to enjoy the view. I don't understand why more people don't allow themselves to do that. Maybe we're afraid that by sitting and doing nothing, we're being as unproductive as that sounds? We marvel at our own productivity don't we? We feel so great when we're productive. But to me, taking time for yourself is productive in just a completely different way.
I live in Manhattan, the epitome of the go-go-go mentality, it originated here, and I can tell you that the people you see who are the happiest are the ones that are sitting in the sun, enjoying the day with a cocktail and a friend, or the ones that are relaxing while reading a book (or in this city, a tablet) The people who are going-going-going are the ones who look pissed off walking down the street and who have this look of frightening determination when the subway door is closing on them. They are the people you don't want to mess with because deep down, you know that all the really need to do is relax.
So thanks Brit. I'm relaxed today and I'll give you the credit.
P.S. - Your new album is awesome from start to finish.

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