Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lighting strikes twice

The weather outside is dreadful currently. It's raining the type of rain that's gross, where it's not even, it pours and then it sprinkles. And of course the wind is blowing everyone's umbrellas inside out so that's fun to watch...til it happens to you.
I'm walking and looking up at the Empire State Building. Cue flash of light and explosion of sound. I saw the lightning bolt hit the rod at the top of the building. Now listen, that's a normal occurrence. It happens whenever there's a storm. It's the tallest thing around and it has a giant lightning rod on top. But still, when I saw it happen, I was done for the day. I got on the train and came straight home. I'm not staying out in that.
I will say though, the burst of light, the way it illuminated all of the low cloud cover, the way the streets lit up for just that half a second - it was all kinda surreal.
I had a moment last night that kinda resembled that in my own life. I was working on the new issue of BLEEP and I took a minute to look at all the spreads there on my computer screen and it hit me just how big this thing has become. This issue has an article in it written by someone in Moscow. Moscow! How incredible is that? It was this moment where the magnitude of this dream of mine was put into perspective for the first time I think.
When I sat here and started thinking about it, there's been one other real lightning bolt moment in the past month. I was named Designer of the Year by the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association. Just typing that kinda blows my mind really. It's not something I ever thought would happen but it did and I can say that it happened because of a year's worth of loving what I did every single day. It was hard to tear me away from the office because I loved it so much.
I hope to have that again one day, but until then, I have this magazine that's proving to be bigger and more important to me than I thought it would be. More than that, it's important to more people than just me, which makes it something of value. Something can be important to someone and that's where it ends, but now that others are buying into the vision and casting their own visions into this BLEEP magazine pool, it's become something of value.
So the Empire State Building is alright post-lightning bolt and so am I. I think I'm actually doing better post-bolt.

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