Saturday, April 2, 2011

Give me one moment in time

Please tell me you've seen the clip from last night's Jimmy Fallon? Please.
Well, he, along with Stephen Colbert, a surprise guest appearance by Taylor Hicks, the Knicks dancers and a driver's side car door performed the web sensation "Friday" and let me tell you, it was everything that's wonderful about television.
See, it could have just been a performance to make fun of the song and that would have been funny perhaps, but by continuing to up the ante and add the most random characters into the mix, they created a moment, not to mention, this is the first relevant thing Taylor Hicks has ever done in his life.
If you haven't watched it, please do. It's the reason why television is the most wonderful form of media because there, in front of a live audience, moments are made. Oprah fine-tuned the art of the 'moment' and now, Jimmy Fallon has taken his cue. The live performance of the song took a tired moment of laughable internet culture and made it matter. It's as if he was able to take all the ridiculousness that is this song and make it tangible on the stage (I'm talking to you Taylor Hicks).
I like moments. I feel like life should be full of them. I now realize how much that last sentence sounded like a poster you'd see in a middle school with a black and white photo of something non-related in the middle of it. But moments are what life is made of, well, a life of meaning at least. I mean, didn't Whitney say it best?
You know that's my favorite Whitney Houston song? Moment in Time. Not only is it the kind of sweeping, self-affirming, overly-optimistic ballad that just doesn't come around anymore, but it was also the theme from the Olympics and we all know how I feel about the Olympics. It's the sort of fatal combination that does me in every time. I especially love her performance of the song on the Grammys. Please allow yourself to have a moment, be inspired and listen to her at the end of that song. She's every bit as triumphant as the people who won those gold medals.
So I'm a fan of the moments. That's the moral of the story. Especially the moments that make you feel as triumphant as a gold medal winner. Now please watch this Jimmy Fallow clip. It's just awesome.

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