Monday, April 11, 2011

Dancing through my TV

I would like to talk about TV. It's the strongest mass medium of communicating with people that we have today.. Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, it's usually about being ridiculous and making a scene. But tonight, it was more than that. It was about making tv thats worth watching. There was a giant live orchestra, something you only really see on tv in I Love Lucy episodes when Rickys at the club. It was really quite spectacular. Then the costumes were actually quite beautiful (for the most part) and the scenes they created were equally as good. 
You know I'm not just the hugest fan of this show but what I am a fan of is when TV does what it and only it can do and thats present a moment that's unique and something you can't get anywhere else. Thats what this show did this week.
I also never watch the entire episode but because the music was so good, I couldn't help myself. David Garrett is quite the violin player and as much as I dont really care for Catherine Jenkins, she sounded really great. And you know you love the song from the Zales commercial. You know you do and the arrangement of that song was awesome. (the arrangements of the songs were so good because they were the group Bond's arrangements. If you dont know them, look them up. They're tremendous.)
It was a good night for TV. Fills you with wonder and makes you feel good. Thats all you can ask for on a Monday night.

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