Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crap. I'm gonna watch it.

Did you watch The Voice tonight? Well, I caught the last hour of it and I'm gonna keep watching it. Here's why:
Tarralyn Ramsey and Frenchie Davis and being mentored by Christina.
Now listen. I think the premise of this show is actually quite stupid when it all boils down to it. Having them on teams and stuff? Come on. That's a stunt. And really, the whole "not looking at them when they sing" thing is dumb too. Susan Boyle anyone? They looked at her when she sang. She sold more albums than all four of the judges last albums combined.
But really. Taralyn Ramsey is one of my favorite singers. I've worn out her albums. And Frenchie from Idol? I saw her in Rent. She's one of the best singers that Idol has ever lost. The fact that they are "stand there and sing" types of singers and they are going to be mentored by Christina, who is also a "stand there and sing" type of singer...actually, perhaps they will mentor her and show her to quit all the techno crap and just sing.

This got me thinking though. Couldn't we all use a little mentoring? Someone to show us the way? I think so. I do hesitate with this thought though. See, when you realize you need mentoring and you go looking for them, do you settle with the first person or people you land on? Say, for instance, that you need vocal mentoring. Do you go to the first voice teacher you find and just call it at that? What if they aren't the right teacher for you? Being a mentor is something serious and when you're put in that position, I think it should be taken seriously. I've seen people be "mentored" by someone and it end up leading them way off track just because they were too eager to be mentored. Does that make any sense at all?

I worry sometimes when people say they are being mentored by others. Being mentored means opening up yourself to the "wisdom" that you think only they can supply and that's a scary thought sometimes. Especially if they are the first one you land on. My sister is a singer and she picked what colleges to go to dependent upon who was going to be her vocal coach and mentor. Perhaps we should  use such discretion in our own lives?
I had a friend who I looked up to and I thought I could really learn a lot from. I thought they were going to help shape who I was, who I could be, and how I used my talents and abilities. But it turned out that they were just the first person that landed in my life and they weren't actually the right fit for me. Because I know me and I know who I want to be. They couldn't get me there. They could get me to someplace adjacent to there and someplace similar to there, but not actually to where I needed to be. I'm not trying to be cryptic, the subject of the mentoring isn't important really. I just think that sometimes, people should really think things through. I'm glad I did.
Kinda like the people who chose Blake Shelton tonight over Adam Levine. Perhaps they should have thought it through further.

Sidenote: It was a good night for female singers. Pia was on Dancing with the Stars and she blew everyone away. She's just a flawless vocalist. She's actually who the people on The Voice should aspire to be like. Flawless.

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