Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered all over again

I'm listening to my internet radio, something I do daily, and it's on the 90's station, again, something I listen to daily. Now I'm pretty educated in the 90's music, after all, I lived through it and it's my favorite, but one of the songs that popped up today not only surprised me but also made me smile from ear to ear.
Do you remember B*Witched? No not the TV show that tried to replace one Darren with another Darren. The Euro-pop singing group B*Witched? Well, their song 'Cest La Vie' came on and I have to be honest, it made me smile because I haven't heard it in I can't remember how long.
Here's what you must understand about this group. Not only were they European, but they were a quartet of Irish girls. Irish. That means they had it extra hard because they were having to compensate for not being British. Everyone loves a good British group or singer, but Irish? The Corrs only had one hit. Why? I'm not saying it was because they're Irish...but...
The other thing you must know about B*Witched (besides the ridiculous asterisk in their name) is that they tried to fuse Irish folk music and 90's bubblegum pop together...it was the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen in your life but you couldn't turn away. It was like "I can't believe they're LITERALLY doing an Irish jig at this music festival."
So my smile came from seeing it all in my head all over again and imagining these girls jigging between performances from Britney and *NSync (Another obnoxious asterisk by the way). Please do yourself a favor and watch this. It's at about the 2 minute mark where they begin to jig. It'll be a much needed jolt of ridiculousness to your day because let's face it, we all could use a jolt (or a jig) a day.

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