Saturday, March 26, 2011


Allow me to encourage you. When you're having a down day, do what I tell you to and you can find your way on the way back up again.
When you're having a down day, put in the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack and listen to the following songs in the following order: Somewhere That's Green, Suddenly Seymour, and Skid Row. Here's why:
The first song, Somewhere That's Green, will make you long for something greater than you've got right now. It will make you desire to be out of the low that you're in. The next song, Suddenly Seymour, will jolt you into realizing that you don't have to stay in that down place. The power's in your hands and has been there this whole time. Suddenly, BOOM, you're going to see it, the change that you need that's been in front of you all along. Then when you listen to Skid Row, you will be reminded that things could be worse. Things could be much much worse than they are right now. Then, at the end of Skid Row, you will be assaulted by the final harmony as the entire street sings how they're going to get outta skid row! Victory! Your music-induced endorphins have kicked in! Now you're driven! Now you're thrilled! Now you're looking through your iTunes to find other songs that make you feel this feeling! Next thing you know, you're in a musically-inspired place where you're allowing music to lift your spirits! You may even smile randomly as you walk down the street!
Of course, this is the springtime remedy for being down. The other seasons have other remedies, of which I am sure I'll discuss further when that season is upon us. And you may think this is silly, but I can tell you from experience that it is a solution that works.
Plus, you get to listen to Ellen Greene sing her throat out in Suddenly Seymour and if that doesn't make you smile, something is clinically wrong with you.

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