Monday, March 7, 2011

Slayed by Flay

Last night was one of those nights that stays with you long after it's over. See, I love when friends come to the city and I'm able to see them. New York is awesome in that way. People come to you. You don't have to go to them anymore. Why? Because everyone comes through New York.
Anyways - so I'm with my girls from my staff and we were treated to a dinner at Bar Americain - one of Bobby Flay's restaurants here in Manhattan. Now listen, I'm gonna be honest here. When I'm watching Iron Chef, I never like it when Bobby Flay is on there because the challenger doesn't stand a chance. I like it when they stand a chance. But I digress...
The reason they don't stand a chance is because his food is perfection. From the tuna tar tar appetizers to the New York Strip steaks that were so delicious, you didn't need any steak sauce, to the bourbon profiterole for dessert it was an exquisite feast. Not that that's all we ate mind you. The real theme here was actually sweet potatoes.
Yes. Freshly made sweet potato chips with this thick blue cheese dip as an appetizer, this sweet potato dish that was a side that was so immaculately delicious that we thought we had died and gone to heaven (the word mouthgasm was used repeatedly in reference to this lie) and then sweet potato pie for dessert. I've never had so many variations on sweet potatoes but Bobby knew what he was doing. That was amazing.
I wish Mr. Flay had been there because you know I would have challenged him to throw down, spaghetti pizza style, but he wasn't. Another time Bobby. I'm coming for you.
All of this was made more special by the people who were there. The awesome factor was on our side and that's the truth. Bring on the next random and amazing event.

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