Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sheer happiness

I just became incredibly irritated.
I was watching some youtube clips instead of working on the magazine and in moving from Little Shop of Horrors clips to Ellen Greene clips to Kristin Chenoweth clips...Pushing Daisies was wrongfully canceled.
Pushing Daisies was one of the most wonderful shows on television and not enough people gave it a chance so ABC, the geniuses they are, pulled it from the air. You know how Glee makes people happy? (well, used to make people happy - not so much anymore) That's what Pushing Daisies did. Kristin Chenoweth was in it and even after it was cancelled, she won the Emmy for the show. That should have given people some sort of signal eh? The show was wonderful, there were moments of bursting into song, there was a magical plot and a sort of suspended reality that was almost cartoonish. Not to mention the puppy.
There's a lot of great stuff on TV right now, and there are equally as much terrible things on TV right now. I just wonder why some shows that are really great don't find audiences. Especially since audiences these days are smarter than they were a decade ago. I don't want a show to spoon-feed a plot to me. I want something that has a deeper meaning to it and makes you think. Pushing Daisies was a wonderful mixture of thought-provoking situations and sheer happiness.
Sheer happiness is something that's in short supply on television and in films these days. Even kids movies are so concerned with appealing to the parents that are buying the tickets that they are abbreviating sheer happiness to moments of happiness. Not that I don't like those films, we all know that the ending of Toy Story 3 had me sobbing, but still. Animaniacs had the sheer happy thing taken care of though. The cartoons that kids watch now that star whatever shapeless, solid-colored creature are so bland and boring. I miss Animaniacs. And I miss Pushing Daisies. There's a happiness void in their absence.

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