Monday, March 28, 2011


So I watched this special last night about sex during the Civil War and I was completely fascinated. Did you know there was an entire porn industry during the Civil War? Magazines of porn sent to the soldiers. I had no clue.
Did you know that there were condoms during the Civil War? There were and apparently they got used quite a bit. They found all these letters from soldiers writing back to their buddies about the girls they had sex with in New Orleans of in Memphis. There was a statistic that one in every four soldiers in the Memphis/Nashville area had an STD because of the amount of sexing that was going on.
I just find this whole thing to be incredibly interesting, especially since we are meant to think that America during that time was a time of pure conservativism and the 'good ol' days' mentality. Turns out, they were all hopped up on porn just like today. Interesting.
The next special that came on was about sex in the modern age (I know, it was a whole History Channel Sexathon or something) and it was talking about pretty much the same thing, just fast forward until the 20's and 30's. Sex, sex, and more sex. Some of the first movies that you would go and watch in the little viewer had nudity and sex in them. Did you know that? And we make a big deal out of Kate Winslet's boob in Titanic? Apparently there was this fella who was put in charge of bringing decency back to America and he outlawed all kinds of things. He's the reason Lucy and Ricky don't share a bed. He's the reason why movie kisses lasted less than 4 seconds. He's the one who said the bicycle was sexually suggestive when a woman was riding it down the street.
I just thought it was an interesting look at the history of our "moral" nation, when in reality, we've always been just as sexed up as we are now. I would say that it was done more in secret than it is now, but that wasn't the case in the Civil War. The psuedo-boring announcer said that the soldiers in the French Quarter of New Orleans would find a girl that was walking down the street with a sheet, they would lay the sheet out and have sex right there on the street. They weren't playing games.
Here's the big question though: Would you do the same thing. No, I don't mean the whole sheet in the street thing. But the whole "I am more than likely going to be killed fighting this war and I might as well have one last good night" thing. That was the mentality for a lot of Vietnam service men for sure, and that's well publicized, but that was also the case during both World Wars and the Civil War.
I just find the whole thing interesting. People made a big to-do about how there's a nude scene in Hair or that Sex and the City was all about sex, when in reality, it seems to have always been that way, just not in the June Cleaver image of America that was displayed on television at that time. I like it when something happens that kinda flips something you thought you knew before. Keeps things interesting. Like when there's a good plot twist or when a show fast forwards a few years between seasons.

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