Thursday, March 3, 2011

Release your inner awesome

Why is Brian Williams suddenly the coolest guy at NBC? I mean, for a while there it was Andy Samburg and his SNL shorts and then it was Jimmy Fallon for bringing back Saved By The Bell, but now Brian Williams from the NBC Nightly News has taken the reigns as the guy who will do anything and everything, as long as it's awesome. He's on 30 Rock all the time, making fun of anyone and everyone (including himself) and now he's on Jimmy Fallon's show, slow jamming the news. It takes a man who is game for anything to take on all of these roles and people are loving him for it. Next stop hosting SNL? Who knows, but I believe that Brian Williams can do anything.
He's a breath of fresh air in a late night format that's become stale and even though it was Jimmy's bit, if Queen Latifah had done it, it wouldn't have been awesome. It might have been mildly humorous but not awesome. And that's what Brian Williams has. The awesome factor. I think that's what we should reach for in our lives. We should be reaching for the awesome factor because it doesn't matter what our job is or what we do, if we have the awesome factor on our sides, not only will people like us but we will enjoy life.
So everyone, let out your inner awesome! Learn from the Knight of Nighttime Pop Cultural Awesomeness Brian Williams! For this is our destiny!

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