Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Queen of the (Monday) night

Last night, I saw the Broadway production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and for those of you who are not familiar with the movie that preceded it, the plot boils down to three drag queens on a road trip.
Well, let me tell you, those were a fun two and a half hours. One number after another, it was like the rainbow  ran into a disco ball which collided with a bucket of glitter and it all exploded over the stage. Remember that first time you saw Times Square? That first feeling of "WOW!" that comes over you as you see all the glitz and the lights and the colors? Right. It's that...on the stage for two hours.
I will say that the emotional strings of the story weren't as tight as they could have been. I expected a little more meat on the bones of the story, but the numbers were fun, the energy of the cast and the audience was through the roof and one cast member in particular stole the show. Nick Adams isn't really a newcomer to Broadway, but he's a newcomer to being a headliner and his character is the most 'out'spoken of all of them (pun very much intended).He has this boyish charm thing happening for him that in any other situation would probably be obnoxious, but in this show, works completely.
The moral of this story is that the show was what it was meant to be, fun, that buses should all be covered in LED lights that dance around, and that carbs are the devil. Trust me. Not a single one of them up there has seen a carb in months.
You know, sometimes all you really need is a show that will make your face hurt from smiling the whole time. Sometimes you just need a wild night of color explosion. Sometimes you just need musical theatre arrangements of Pat Benatar and Madonna songs. Sometimes that's just what you need to kick off your week.

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