Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not so much the 'real world'

I really like The Real World...for one episode. I seem to watch it every season and then I lose interest or find something else I should be watching during that time slot on my DVR. I think it's such an interesting case study on people and how they act when they have nothing better to do. I understand that The Real World was the start of all the reality shows and for that, we owe our gratitude. Yes, gratitude. Without The Real World, there would be no Top Chef, there would be no Project Runway and there would be no American Idol, thus, no Carrie Underwood to jeopardize country award shows, no Adam Lambert to make silly people uncomfortable, Jennifer Hudson would still be fat and we would have never gotten to see Kelly Clarkson cry and sing in front of a shower of fireworks. That's just wrong.
But really, The Real World seems so silly now. They've been living together for 2 days and they're already talking about which ones like each other and how they have these feelings and stuff. It's just funny to me since that's not the real world at all. In the real world, we barely have time to date. In the real world, our jobs give us stress fractures of the psyche. In the real world, we don't get to go play in Vegas for three months, live in the penthouse of one of the hotels and have a standing VIP section and free drinks all night long. But it's fun to watch that stuff isn't it? Except it wasn't all that fun this time. I dunno, the appeal was lost I think. Maybe the people were boring?
Regardless - this season will go much the same way as the last season...I won't keep watching. I live in The Real World already.

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