Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mixed Idols

I have mixed feelings about American Idol this year.
What was with the girls last night huh? It was the strangest episode of Idol there's ever been right? I mean, you had the girl who sang Hero (bad choice) and sang half of it in Spanish, you had the drag queen version of Summertime (another bad song choice - don't sing the most famous song from an Idol performance in the show's history), there was the girl that "sang" the cabaret version of Fiona Apple, and there was the girl that sang a Kelly Clarkson song (again...don't sing past Idols' songs) in an 80s prom dress. It was strange to say the least.
Then there were the background vocalists who were better than most of the girls actually trying to become stars. But isn't that usually how it goes? I mean, Melinda Doolittle was a BGV before she was on Idol. Sadly...she might be a BGV again...oh well.
But the guy's night was strange too right? There was the second-rate Adam Lambert copy cat, there was Carrot-Top and there were a slew of guys who have had people tell them they should be on Idol but in reality, they should have stayed in their coffee shops.

But I've latched onto three of them. Paul (the Rod Stewart carbon copy), Pia (the better than Leona Lewis stunner) and Thia (the poised-for-Broadway girl). We'll see how they last. But if it's anything like what they've done thus far, we could be in for some very very good television this spring. Plus, it's about time for a girl to win again and how spectacular would Pia look belting out a note while all the sparks fell behind her in the finale? For real.

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