Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't make me boo you.

Okay so who else loves the fact that the ballet double for Natalie Portman in Black Swan is now taking to the press to talk about how it's really all her and that Natalie didn't do any of it. I love it. Why? Because, you are trying to take down the woman who was just crowned with the industry's highest honor, an honor that this ballerina will never have. So why not try to take crap shots at the woman who just won and get your name in the papers as well? People like to think that Chicago is just a musical, but no. It's real life.
Here's the thing, Natalie didn't win the Oscar because of the dancing. Not at all. She won the Oscar because she was unbelievable in the film. So now this ballerina is trying to get all this press and inflate her name just because the timing is "right" and I say that if I saw her in a ballet, I would boo her publicly. She should know better. Since when has this kind of publicity ever ended well? How about all the Tiger Woods hookers? Where are they now? They're idiots who got paid to be in a magazine one time and will spend the rest of their lives wishing they had that fame back.
I'm actually interested in finding this ballerina and going to one of her performances just so I can boo her publicly. She should have more integrity. Take your money and go back to being a principle dancer. See, that's the other thing. This girl doesn't need the publicity. She's already a principle dancer. She's already at the top of her game. In a few years, her feet will crack and she'll have to move to teaching ballet because she's destroyed her feet and all she'll have is the fact that at the end of March in 2011, people read her name in the papers. She'll be a real life Roxie Hart, except in real life, the movie doesn't end with a kitschy dance number in front of a bunch of shiny curtains. In real life, she'll always be bitter. And in that respect, I feel bad for her.
Natalie won the Oscar and deserved it. And yes, I will try to find this ballerina so I can boo her...loudly.

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