Monday, March 14, 2011


This weekend, I had the privilege of two types of good company: the people I was with and the shows that I saw.

I've seen Chicago before, around six years ago, and I remember that I liked it a lot. But there was something different about seeing it this time. It was like they didn't take it so seriously and it was funny. I mean, it was really funny and it made sense. It's just a really great show and I can't help but think about the movie. I mean, the film was based off of the style of this production and the way it was done so effortlessly was brilliant. I knew then that Chicago deserved Best Picture but I'm reminded again tonight of why.

The other show I got to see was Stomp...I know. I'm over fifteen years behind. But still. I've now seen it and as I'm typing this, I have the most unbelievable headache. But it was worth it because the show was not only super cool but it was quite funny. I've seen bits of it on TV but being there live, watching it all happen was really cool. And I liked the fact that it's still playing at the same theater it started playing at in 1994 and it's a small theatre so the sound just assaults you. It was cool.

It was a weekend of good companys. It's great to see a good show again but it's better to see a good friend again. It's the truth.

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