Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is my 600th blog entry, can you believe it? 600. Who'd have thought that I'd ever do that, but here we are. And I've been here for a couple days, knowing that this would be the 600th entry. So I knew that whatever I wrote would need to be worthy. And finally today, that happened.

See, with all the computer problems I've been having, I lost about 20 gigs worth of music from my collection. Devastating really. Well, I've been trying to download music to replenish my supply and tonight, I was able to download, for the first time, the complete soundtracks of The Muppets Treasure Island and The Muppets Christmas Carol. Yes, I'm almost 28 years old.
Here's the deal though. These movies are just giant parts of my growing up, not to mention that they're The Muppets which transcend all age groups. See, I've had selected songs from both soundtracks before, but I've never had the complete albums with all the orchestrations by Hans Zimmer and all of that.
The other reason why this is important is because, some times, after I've had a hard day at work or something, I just want to listen to something that is going to bring me joy. Not all music does that. I find that the music that brings you joy has to be connected to some sort of memory of time in our lives when we were filled with joy. What's more joyous that childhood right? It's a hell of a lot better than having to pay bills as adults.
But listening to something like this just takes me back and reminds me what if felt like to watch that frog and pig make out on TV. And for some reason that's awesome. And I'm owning it. Listening to this music makes me feel the way listening to the music from Charlie Brown makes me feel, and if you've read any number of these past 600 entries, you know how I feel about the song 'Happiness' from Charlie Brown. I will always love that song.
So that's what's made me happy tonight, amongst the great many things I have to be thankful for. And knowing there's someone out there reading this, 600 posts in, that makes me happy too. So thanks for being a part of this journey I'm on. If we make it another 600 entries, it will be awesome to see where we're at.

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