Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trying too hard

That's what I was thinking the entire time Chris Brown was on SNL last night. Here's why:
First, why do people think he still matters? I mean, can we not put the whole Chris Brown thing to rest now? He's beatin up on talented (not really) and beautiful (sometimes) women and hasn't done anything important musically...ever.
Second, did he just put the microphone down so he can dance around the stage? Wait. But I can still hear his voice on the track. Why does he think he's Beyonce? I'm so confused. And then he starts "singing" again but as the song drags on (a really terrible song by the way. Can you not think of a better title than "Yeah 3 Times?" Didn't Usher already have a song called "Yeah?" Right. Dummy.) he's just shouting with his chipmunk-in-puberty voice. I just don't get it.
Third, why is he flailing his apendages around like it's the last time he will ever dance? Can he not control himself? He has this air of overcompensating over-earnestness about him that reminds me of P Diddy's recent SNL performances. It's like they know they are so far out of the game and they reek of desperation. So they overcompensate and try way too hard. Much like when Matthew Morrison performs at shows and he's dancing around like he's a crazy beast. I just want to pull him aside and tell him, "Matt, you're trying too hard. Pull back a bit."

I have never understood the fascination with Chris Brown and certainly, after last night, I really don't get it. Plus, what exactly was he wearing? His jacket didn't so much fit him.
I just want people who are in the public eye to be doing something worth being seen and he's not. He's on this sort of "comeback" quest (you know how I feel about the overused word "comeback") and he hasn't done anything that matters. It's just frustrating to me because he's taking the space of another musician that could have been great on SNL. But rather, he was there, being all desperate and reeking of neediness.

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