Saturday, February 19, 2011

The six power women of daytime

Please tell me that you saw The View on Oprah. Please please please tell me that you care enough about pop culture to watch this episode. I mean, it was the ultimate daytime talk summit. These are the news makers and the headline takers and they're all there together.
I feel like Oprah and the women of The View are the ones that matter. I know that Ellen has stellar ratings and people love her, I'm one of them, but what she does is more the pop version of what they do. She's fun but the news she makes is on basis of her celebrity guests. These women make the news on their own.
You know, Oprah has been really knocking it out for her last season. She's pulling out all the stops. And I think that television is better for it. She is someone who has been able to make moments happen and as great as Ellen's ratings are, she's not one for creating moments. This is why I will miss the Oprah show because I will miss the moments. But really, shouldn't Oprah be in regular rotation on The View? Probably. She fits right in.

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