Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shut up, just shut up, shut up

You know, there are two types of people in this world. Those that liked the halftime show and those that didn't. Here's the thing though. The people who didn't like it, are wrong.
Here's why.
Let us remember back to the past four years of halftime shows shall we? Singer/songwriters. Standing there doing nothing. Nothing interesting, nothing engaging, nothing important.
Now we have the Peas. They aren't known for being the best singers so that part of it doesn't matter. But did you see what they did during that show? They put on a show. They put on a spectacle. They put on a winning halftime show. There were hundreds of dancers dressed like they were in Tron, Usher came out to sing, they all looked awesome. It was a show, which is what it was supposed to be. A show.
So these folks who are on Facebook who are saying things like "This is what is wrong with America" and "This is why terrorists hate Americans" are completely and totally in the wrong for saying that. What the Peas just did was resuscitation the halftime show. They took it and made it something worth watching and talking about again. They're the biggest band on the planet right now because they know how to create music that everyone wants to listen to.
The title of this blog is an homage obviously to one of their songs from their first record together, one of my personal favorites. And basically, that's how it is. People complained that the halftime shows were too old and now they're complaining that it didn't sound good. Did Paul McCartney sound good? No. He didn't. Did Tom Petty sound good? Absolutely not. And yes, I will say it. Did Michael Jackson always sound good? No. He didn't. But he put on a show, which is what they did. The Peas did it and they did it with more showmanship than anyone has done it in years.
Good for them. And good for halftime shows in general. Maybe now we can get back to things being exciting and being a spectacle again. It's the most watched event on television each year. Why shouldn't the halftime show be just as big as the game? So Bravo my Peas. Bravo.

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