Thursday, February 17, 2011


My iPod died today.
Thus, I'm in mourning.
We've been together for six years. We've seen the invention of the iPhone, the over saturation of digital tablets, the emergence of True Blood and the entire series of Party Down. We've been to two different schools, earned two different degrees and lived in three different apartments and a dorm. He's been featured in photo shoots, been through a blizzard and used to run dance rehearsals. We've seen the Grand Canyon, South Padre Island, the Hollywood sign, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Vegas Strip, Times Square, the Tower of London and the Eiffel Tower. We've been through a lot together.
And now he's gone.
Yes I imagine my iPod is a he. A female iPod wouldn't have nearly the amount of Britney videos on it that he does.

Of course this brings up the obvious question of what will I do every day when I'm going places. Well, the answer to that is simple. I'll just have to sing whatever I would have been listening to. Perhaps I'll take a donation cup with me and make some money. Have you heard some of the folks that are making money on trains these days? I could make some cash.
Really, this iPod is more than just a piece of equipment. It's a testament to my personal growth as a media mogul in training. See, when I was a teenager, I had this problem. I had trouble keeping my portable CD players alive. They seemed to die on me in rapid form. Yes, when I was a teenager, that's how we listened to music kids. I had to take my portable CD player on trips and take my GIANT book of CDs in order to have it all there when I needed it. But I had issues keeping those alive. But this iPod has been with me for six years. I doubt there are many other people that can say their iPods have been with them for that long. I mean, some folks don't even keep their iPhones more than a year anymore. So this iPod is a testament of my personal growth.
So rest in piece lil iPod. The music you brought me kept me sane, let me cry, made me happy, changed my moods and brought me peace. You'll be missed...until I get a new one.

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