Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No couch jumping about this one

Are you up to speed on this whole new batch of Scientology stuff? Here's the rundown:
Paul Haggis (wrote Million Dollar Baby and Crash among other things) has very publicly left Scientology, basically because they supported Prop 8 but it was a culmination of years of question marks. Now, they are saying that the FBI is investigating them.
Okay, so I read the forever-long article in The New Yorker yesterday and let me tell you, everything you ever thought about Scientologists, he confirms. He said, and I quote, "I was in a cult for 34 years." Not that any of this is new information to anyone who's been alive for the past 30 years. We all know it's a cult. The Scientologists are the only ones who don't think that. They think that Xenu exists and that by paying all this money, they are reaching some new spiritual plane to become "Clear."
Now listen, I could write all day about the ridiculousness that is Scientology, but it's nothing you haven't heard before. I just love that once again, it's in the spotlight and not in the way that Tom Cruise thinks it should be.
I just think it's funny. You know, this is a religion that perpetuates a rancid form of homophobia to the point where they are marrying off their number one client to a girl from Dawson's Creek in order to keep his cover. Oops...did I say that? I should have prefaced that with an "Allegedly." Kathy Griffin taught me that.
Not that most other churches don't do the exact same thing by thrusting the ideology on little gay fellas that they need to get married to girls in order to be saved, but they aren't in the spotlight. Scientologists bask in the spotlight. It's where they think they belong. After all, they created the Celebrity Centre for that purpose.
So. Where does that leave us? Scientology was created by a science fiction writer and his follows are now not only crazy but their current leader is a violent dictator who drives a Rolls Royce (one of a fleet of cars he owns apparently) and now Paul Haggis, the man who wrote one of my top four films that I love, has defected. I'm sure there will be a book soon.

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