Monday, February 21, 2011

Never Let Me Go

People didn't know who Andrew Garfield was before The Social Network and even then, they were more interested in Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of himself...I mean Mark Zuckerberg. Then he was announced as the new Spider Man and everyone knew who he was for that reason. But the reality of it is this: people should be aware that he is by far, one of the best young actors working today.
I just finished watching Never Let Me Go, the British film about cloned children who are born with the sole intent of being harvested for their organs. While it sounds like science fiction, it's rooted in reality and is, above all things, a love story.
It's got a stellar cast but more than that, it's this intimate movie that is so simple and yet so profound that it's easily lost on some people I'm sure. But it begs the larger question: We are all going to die someday, how is your life measured? Did you love?
You know, people often think that in order to be a brilliant actor you have to have those scenes where you cry and throw things and have a fit of rage. People don't understand that the understated performances are much harder to pull off. It's the small things, the stutters, the pauses, the breaths taken that actually become the character. Andrew is really quite spectacular and while he is the one character in the film that does have that sort of loud, outburst moment, it's so visceral and raw that I felt like my insides were caving in on me. He's an actor that's not afraid to let himself go completely and bellow out the contents of his soul.
My support for Andrew Garfield is now far from 'complete.' (see the film and get the pun) If you can, see this film. It's not a feel good, it's not a happy film, but if you let it, it leaves you with a profound sense of introspection that not all films allow. It makes you beg the question of your own life: How is my life measured? What's it worth? Did you make it matter? And of course, did you love?

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