Monday, February 14, 2011

The morning after

 Janelle Monae is awesome...and brave to do a front stage dive.
 Reason number 546 why Muse is the coolest band around: Glitter outfits.
 The performance of the night. It was fun, it was crazy, and it was just plain awesome. And I love that he would wear that in public.
 The women tore it up...and then Christina fell down. She's having some issues. And why the lips all over her mic stand? Did she not know that with Jennifer Hudson and Yolanda Adams there singing to perfection, she didn't stand a chance?
Okay. For real though. It's like he's the second coming of his father circa 1998. What is going on here? Someone put those Smith children away.
 You know I love him and his ridiculous ways but his look was more subdued and I loved it.
 You know I don't care for J Biebs but Usher dancing around in that blue outfit was awesome. He certainly was Papa Smurf during that performance, showing those lil boys how it's done.

 This random Jolene moment would have been my favorite moment of the night had it not been for Cee Lo. But they were tight, they were a random pairing and they sounded so good.
 For all my Kim Kardashian bashing due to her pointlessness to society at large, she wins as the best dressed female in my book. I mean, that is just ravishing.
We know Ricky is on the comeback trail here and I know a great many people have written him off, but I loved what he was wearing. It could have been plain and normal but he did the silver pants thing, something you can only get away with at the Grammys. I think it's awesome.

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