Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am Number Four

Usually, when a review says something, I tend to agree. It's just usually how it goes. It's not the case always. Case in point: Winter's Bone. The critics are freaking out about it and how great it's not. Though the acting is superb, the film did nothing for me.
Well, when I saw the trailer for I Am Number Four, I made an internal decision that I was going to see this film. Don't know why. But it appealed to me. So it came out this weekend and I planned on going to see it. The reviews were not kind. I went anyways.
And you know what? I liked it. It was a cool movie that feels appropriate for now. I mean, this generation is all hopped up on Glee and Twilight and disposable entertainment that doesn't serve a greater purpose and what this movie did very well was merge all of those cultures together into one film. Now you know that I don't so much care for those cultures, but it was very craftily put together with this superhero/alien story.
I like when a movie surprises me. I like when I take something away from it that I wasn't expecting to. It was cool and while it was clichéd, the clichés made sense to the genre.
I liked it. It was fun. I needed to escape for a couple hours and that's what it let me do. Sometimes, we just need the escape.

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