Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello Bruce

 There are many great Bruces in pop culture. Bruce Lee, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce from Finding Nemo, and Bruce Willis. So I've seen two Bruce Willis movies in two days and it's the type of thing where I'm not really sure why I did it. But I did. It's like sitting all the way through a Kevin James film...why do it? But I did because I'm in the business of expanding my horizons and playing an epic game of catch-up on the films I haven't seen.
You know there are films that everyone says you need to have seen. Citizen Kane, Singing in the Rain, The know, classics. Well, I'm trying to see films that I haven't ever seen before for some reason and Pulp Fiction and The Fifth Element were on that list.
The strange thing about it is that I wasn't crazy about either film. I know that people geek out over The Fifth Element and perhaps I see why. I mean, the comical take on a genre that's usually very serious was kinda fun. And blonde Bruce was interesting contrasted with orange Mila.

But Pulp Fiction is held in such a high standard for the ways that it changed film making but I will just tell you that I didn't care for it. Perhaps on a second viewing, I will grasp hold of the nuances and such but no. I did not like it. What was the point? You know, even in stories that have endings that aren't particularly happy or anything, there is usually some sort of imperative that the filmmaker is trying to get across. There is usually a point. There was no point here other than to kill a great many people for no real reason.

But this isn't really about the films themselves. This is about Bruce. I finally found the appeal of Bruce Willis. I feel like for the past 27 and a half years I have been searching for the appeal of one Mr. Willis and I've never been able to do so. But after seeing these two films, perhaps I've seen more of what has made him the type of star he is today. Not that he's making movies that are relevant right now, but he did once and now I understand it.
So that's the real thing I did this weekend. I learned about Bruce Willis. And what I learned is that he is incredibly successful at playing the same character in all movies and I have been able to mark two things off the list of films that you're supposed to have seen.

Sidenote: Have you seen Bruce on the cover of W magazine? What exactly is he doing there? Proving that he's still sexy maybe? And he's got his new wife on there looking like a reject from one of the Matrix movies? I just don't get it. It's a very strange way to publicize your love for another person.
So that's what I did this weekend. Watched some Bruce Willis movies. It's fitting though since next weekend is Grammy weekend and will be a lot more exciting than this one. Such is life.

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