Friday, February 11, 2011

Gaga's 'Born' to Express Herself

I listened to GaGa's new song this morning and I was really digging it. But then I started thinking, why do I like this so much? I've heard this song before. Where have I heard this song before? Oh that's right. This is a rehashing of Madonna's Express Yourself. That's why it sounds so familiar.
It's the exact same thing.
Wait, didn't GaGa already completely rip a Madonna song? Yes. Alejandro is a rip of La Isla Bonita. Okay. I'm starting to see a trend. Why are people saying that she's so innovative again? Because she finds the most foolish thing in the world (or the meat closet) to wear and puts it on? Because it's not her music. There's nothing innovative about her music and there never has been.
That and she's arrogant. Did you read the article on her in this month's Vogue? She thinks very highly of herself. Very. To an almost Kanye-like extent. She does say that she doesn't think she's the best dancer in the world, but she certainly thinks she's tops at everything else. I can't decide if that's her own doing or if her fans have made her believe that. Probably a little of both.
I just think this whole phenomenon is interesting. Will I listen to the song? Probably. But the entire time, I will be singing the lyrics to Express Yourself.
And of course, if you look for pictures on the web of GaGa channeling different people, you find that her looks aren't all that unique to begin with. Even Entertainment Weekly called her out on Born This Way's cover art looking a bit like something Kylie did a while back.
Not to mention how overtly preachy this song is. That's obnoxious. I too believe that people are 'born this way' and everyone should embrace who they are, not feel ostracized, stand up for themselves, not go jumping off of skyscrapers because some fool makes fun of them for being gay. But really? Beat the world over the head with it why don't you?
Sorry. A sped up re-hashing of Express Yourself doesn't place you in the 'brilliant' category GaGa.

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