Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feathers, puppets and Gweneth equal perfection

There is so much that can be said about the Grammys tonight but really, I just want to say this. CEE LO AND GWENETH.
Here's the reason why it was the best performance of the night. Because they did exactly what the song does. They didn't take it seriously. The song isn't serious. It shouldn't be performed like it's serious. And they didn't. So they performed it with a bunch of puppets, a ridiculous costume and they nailed it.
The go-go puppets were my favorite, obviously.
But why is everyone so surprised? Do they not remember what he used to wear when he was singing with Gnarls Barkley? He wore a Darth Vader suit to sing in at the MTV movie awards people! This is a man who knows what it is to entertain. After all, Elton John wore a chicken suit to sing in.
So three cheers for Cee Lo and Gweneth for making it the most memorable performance of the night and something that everyone is talking about already. He knows that music should be fun and doesn't have to be serious (Arcade Fire and Eminem, please take note) It was awesome and the risk paid off.

What did not pay off was that egg. GaGa had the whole world buzzing about showing up in that egg and then the performance itself was incredibly lack-luster. Sorry. But Cee Lo out Gaga-ed you.

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