Saturday, February 26, 2011


There are days in your life when you're reminded that you're blessed. I am blessed, but it's so easy to forget that in the middle of everything that goes on in life. But not today. Today is not a day for forgetting.
The first sign that I'm blessed came in the form of a package, a giant package to be exact full of exciting things. You know, we live in a time of technology where everything is digital. I mean, I'm writing this on here for you to read as opposed to sending this to you in the mail. So isn't it thrilling when you get something in the mail that's not a bill? It's extra thrilling when it's a package. Well mine was a giant box full of exciting things sent from my parents who knew I needed them.
The second way I know I'm blessed is because I have Hawaiian Bread in my apartment currently. See, tomorrow is Oscar Day, the best day of the year, and what do I eat during the Oscars? Hawaiian Bread. Now in Manhattan, some things are easy to find and some things are not. Hawaiian Bread is not and I had worries that I would have to travel to Brooklyn or something just to get some. But Team Marshmallow came through for me. (to understand the marshmallow reference, you'll need to read the next BLEEP) They found me a supermarket, made the calls to ensure the bread was there, and I went and got it today. Really. Can it get any better than that? I don't think so. I'm blessed that I have people in my life that would call a supermarket in Harlem and search for my bread.
The third reason I'm blessed today is because as of this morning, the first issue of BLEEP hit 500 readers. That's amazing to me. This little magazine that me and group of friends decided to put together has reached hundreds of people more than we ever thought it would. It's really amazing and fulfilling.

I'm blessed. Those are just three reasons. There are more of course. But for now, those are them. You might think they're a bit silly, but it's the small things that thrill me the most, that's the truth.

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