Thursday, February 10, 2011

4th movie...First Class

The new X-Men trailer was just released and as a lifelong X-Men fan, I have to say that I'm intrigued. Especially after the botch-job they did on the third X-Men film. It might as well have never been made. They took an epic story and destroyed it.
So - this is the only way they can really keep the franchise alive really. I mean, did you see Wolverine? It was really bad. And I like Hugh Jackman a lot but that film wasn't good. But this looks like it will be. I like when fictional films insert themselves into something historical. It makes it like it actually could have happened that way and I like that. I want to believe that a group of X-Men could have been an integral part of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Really, if I'm wanting things, I'd want to be one of them. But whatever.

The superhero genre is wearing itself out and they are having to come out with new ways to make these movies. See, we like superhero movies but apart from the new Batman movies, the recent superhero films have been duds. Even Watchmen was a little off. So maybe this will do it. There's only a million more superhero movies coming out in the next year so we will see if they can redeem themselves and the cast of the new Spider Man movie is a good cast. But this looks exciting and I like films that look exciting.

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