Monday, February 7, 2011

2011's Theme

It's okay guys. I've got the theme of 2011. I knew you were waiting for me to tell you what it was. Don't worry. I got it.
The theme of 2011 is...(that's where the drum roll in your thought bubble goes)...A New Adventure.
Yes. A New Adventure. That's what this year is about. You see, there's a very scientific process to find the exact theme of a year and it takes about a month to do the math and figure it out, but seeing as I'm such the mathematician, I've figured it out and we're good to go...on a new adventure.

For me, this year started out with a new diploma, the first issue of BLEEP being released and a new permanent place of residence. It's also meant a few other new things, some of which will eventually be blogged about I'm sure, and some of which that won't. But the point of the story is that it's an all new adventure. Everything is new. And while you can take people with you on a new adventure, the point is to end up someplace completely different than before. And that's for sure happening.

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