Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Watch out for that tree

I have something to confess. I have a strange affection for the movie George of the Jungle. Picture it. It's 1997 and Brendan Frasier still has his long hair from Encino Man. This great kids movie comes out based on the cartoon that we loved from Cartoon Network. (Didn't you just love it when they played it back to back with Rocky and Bullwinkle? Fractured Fairy Tales?! Come on people, it was classic! Now kids have all kinds of crap to watch that took no time at all to create on some computer. I miss the old cartoons. The Saturday mornings I spent in front of my TV were so much more quality than kids have now. Well, except for Bobby's World. That show was complete crap.)
Let's look at this film shall we? Now, we expect our comic book movies to be darker, more realistic, grittier. But this movie is pretty much the live action version of the original cartoon. Not a lot of substance, not the best writing, and a lot of slapstick. What's wrong with that? I mean, why is that not okay? Some people have even said it's one of the worst movies they've ever seen.
Maybe it is.
But I don't care. It's fun and sometimes you just want to watch something fun and stupid. Actually, it's a great motivational tool. I need to get fit for some upcoming events I have planned and let me tell you, watching this would make pretty much anyone feel determined to look more like George. Well, perhaps not the hair or the loincloth. Yeah. Not those.

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