Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A three-fold amazing day

It would be fitting that today three amazing things happened.
The first two things coincided with one another. I was on a train out to the Bronx (It was worth related. Trust me. I don't think there's a reason to go out to the Bronx in the morning...or the night...or anytime really) and as the train came above ground, it was snowing the most beautiful find of snow you've ever seen. Huge flakes, just slowly falling to the ground. How stunning. That was the first amazing thing. The second happened at the same time. I got cell phone service and I was able to check the Oscar nominations a mere ten minutes after they were announced. That was the second amazing thing. Because let me tell you, Oscar nomination day is on my calendar. And that means something. I don't have most people's birthdays on my calendar. But Oscar nomination day? That's there. And Nicole got nominated for Rabbit Hole, which has slowly become one of my favorite movies of this past year. Plus, the first promo picture of the fetal-Oscar hosts was released and they look great. Really great. So while Christopher Nolan should have been nominated for Best Director and shamefully wasn't, the Oscar noms equal an amazing thing today.
The third thing was that I got the apartment I've been trying to get. In a very few number of hours, I will be in my own apartment...in my city...relaxing.
Three amazing things happened. Well, four if you count that I've discovered the love for White Collar. It's been a good day. Yesterday was a really bad day. Today? Not so much bad as it was awesome. Praise Him.

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