Saturday, January 29, 2011

They did it again

If you haven't seen the opening monologue from SNL this week, then you probably shouldn't read this. But during Jesse Eisenberg's opening monologue, SNL did something genius. See, we know he was nominated for an Oscar for portraying Mark Zuckerberg and we know that the head of Facebook wasn't exactly thrilled with this film being made. But by having them both on there together, they created tomorrow's headlines.
See, SNL has the ability to do something that very few shows on television have the ability to do and that's to shape the cultural landscape. By having the both of them on there together, they have placed themselves in the news path of everyone from entertainment to business to technology, suddenly making SNL event television again.
As much as SNL has lost a lot of its funny over the past few years, they haven't lost the knack for creating headlines and remaining a staple of American television. They remain a relevant show by allowing moments like that to happen and by doing that, they keep the doors open for stars to come on there. I mean, there was Sarah Palin coming on there at the same time as Tina Fey doing her impression of her. There have been countless huge stars that have randomly shown up during Weekend Update, and remember when Barbra showed up during Coffee Talk with Linda Richmond? (yes, I was too young at that point but I've seen the clip)

SNL, whether it's on a funny streak or not, remains the one show that you can count on creating moments that people will be talking about and it's because of those moments that this show remains successful. You never know who is going to randomly show up and create a tick-mark on the pop culture landscape. I mean, Janet Reno coming onto SNL and confronting Will Ferrel portraying her? That's gold. And yes, I wish it would be funnier every week, it's still the show that you have to watch to make sure you don't miss the next Ashlee Simpson.

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