Thursday, January 13, 2011

Repeat after me: I will not be a hoarder.

Are you one of the millions that watches Hoarders? I'm not really but I couldn't not watch this episode that just aired. Why? Rats.
The man on this episode hoards rats. There are over two thousand rats inside this man's home. Well, it used to be his home. He had to move into his office since there were so many rats that he couldn't sleep. You know, since they'd get into his pillows and pull out his hair for nesting. He also said the rats like whatever is wet so he didn't like them licking his eyeballs. For real.
If you've never watched this show, it's kinda like an intervention and people that still love these hoarders are interviewed about all the reasons why they need to change their lives. My favorite quote from a friend?
"The rats kinda took the place of his wife you know? Kinda buried his depression a little bit."
I understand. He lost his wife and everyone grieves differently. But rats? Rats?
I happen to know a couple OCD folks who are clinically OCD. I like to make light of my personal OCD tendencies and my being very "Monica" about things. But clinical OCD is a different machine. I can deal with ice crunching or an unclean kitchen but these folks on this show actually CAN NOT handle things. I mean, this man was crying about mother rats being separated from their baby rats! But you've gotta love A&E. I mean, they have brought out the Humane Society and all kinds of "rat specialists" and they are talking about this man having to make the decision to euthanize a rat that has his intestines hanging out.
I've heard Kathy Griffin talk about this show and how she can't stop watching it. I don't blame her anymore. This is a fascinating look at people. And by people, I mean the woman that is dealing with this man. I have never seen someone so patient in my entire life. Dr. Robin Zasio is unbelievably patient and understanding while she's trying to help this man.
I know that I'm usually making fun of crazy folks on here but this was fascinating and yes, he's crazy and yes, rats are not okay but I'm trying to be good here since Dr. Robin kinda blew me away.

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