Thursday, January 6, 2011

Photos I found today

I wish there was some rhyme or reason to these photos but there really isn't. They are just the photos that I found today.
 Please tell me this picture of Ashley Tisdale brings you as much joy as it brought me. I mean, come on. She looks like burned toast. It's like she's wearing leather skin. It's like she got caught in an oven and couldn't find her way out.

 You know that Katie Holmes hasn't really done anything to warrant being photographed, but she sure does look stunning. This one surprised me.

Um...hello. Yeah he's doing an ad for prostate cancer awareness or something but wowza. And people thought it was a big deal when Janet have a man's hands cover her boobs on Rolling Stone. That ain't got nothin on this. That's for sure.

Hello Leighton. From her Allure cover story, she was photographed in a bar...wearing plastic...I dunno. Whatever works I suppose. And she's wet which I think was supposed to be sexy but really she kinda has that wet dog hair thing happening and it's just...not.

So. Those were just some pictures I found today.

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