Monday, January 10, 2011

My girl!

Let 2011 really begin! Britney's new single is out!
Look, I know that we live in a world of GaGa, hip-hop songs about nothing of substance and rock bands that whine. But I think it's important to remember that without Britney, there'd be no GaGa in the first place and it's also important to remember that Britney has sold something like 70 million albums.
And let's face it, the build up has been quite spectacular. Bloggers have been trying to find as many tidbits of facts about her album and speculating about when the music would debut. But now it is and it didn't disappoint.
To be honest, it kinda reminds me of when Oops came out. The type of song that has a killer beat but also has all the music video dance breaks built into it. It's clear that Britney wants to be back on top and at the forefront of the conversation and since she's not going to be strange like GaGa, she's going to do it the best way she knows how. Perfect dance music.
I also like how it doesn't exactly sound like everything else on the radio. The beat is similar but the sound of it doesn't sound exactly like the other gals on the radio. AND - I like how it's not a song about how the music in the club is so great...and that's it.
I've been a fan since I saw her in the mall before her first album come out. And I'm still here, being a fan. I can't wait for the album. She's still my girl.

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