Thursday, January 13, 2011

More comic book heroes

And yet again...another superhero movie picture is released today. How interesting that they're all coming out so closely to each other...
I have question marks about this one, especially since we don't really need a Captain America movie. It seems like they are running out of heroes and now are just cycling through other ones in search of a quick buck. And wasn't he already in a comic movie? Was he not in Fantastic Four? What's with people being more than one superhero? I don't get that. This isn't a Han Solo/Indiana Jones sort of thing or even an Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes sort of thing. These are both superheroes. Can you not just be one and leave the other ones alone?
I'm starting to lose the love for these movie.s They need to get their act together. And why Captain America again? Why not Captain Planet? I mean, he's our hero right? Gonna take pollution down to zero? Where's his movie?

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