Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm a Taurus

So the Zodiac thing has a bunch of people thrown for a loop. I love that.
I never believed in astrology. Besides the fact that it's just silly, I think I read an expired horoscope one time and thought...that didn't happen. At all.
So this whole thing hasn't done anything to hinder my life at all. But just for kicks, I decided to look up my horoscope today and comment on whatever it says.
And it reads:
Make an effort to correct areas of your life that need shoring up and make compromises with others to smooth out any difficult relationships. Self-expression is accomplished through helping others at this time.

Compromise? Smoothing difficult relationships out by compromising? Sorry. That's just not me at all. Bring on the fight. I fully believe in shouting it out, perhaps throwing your keys on the ground, stomping on the stairs to prove a know, normal, rational adult type things. 
And why shouldn't we? Why should we only allow all the good tantrums to be had on TV? Why can't we have a dramatic real life as well? Sometimes, it feels great to purge out those feelings and just have an out of control moment. I feel that if we all had more out of control moments, we would electively be more in charge of the remainder of our moments. 
So that's what the Zodiac taught me today. To throw keys and shout a lot. Oh wait. I've done that already.

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