Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fockering this way

My obsession with Laura Dern started with the release of Jurassic Park. Honestly, it could have been anyone and I would have loved it. But it was Laura Dern so here we are. And there she was, running away from Velociraptors in my favorite movie, her shoulder bleeding, trying to get back to Alan and the kids.
Well, she popped up in Little Fockers today and I couldn't have been more happy to see her there. I don't really know why I like seeing her in movies so much, but I do.
Perhaps it was the film We Don't Live Here Anymore. It was one of the first indie movies that I really ever saw and it had the kind of emotionally charged performances that I've come to really want in a movie.
But for some reason, I've stuck with her and I wished she acted more.
Do you have anyone like that? Anyone that you like seeing on screen for some reason but you don't really know why? It's strange isn't it? I guess it's one of those things where you see something when you're a kid and because you love it so much, it will always be something that has a special place in your heart. Even after you're older and you realize that maybe it wasn't as big of a deal as you thought it was (Saved By the Bell anyone?) Not that she isn't talented or anything. She's won a Golden Globe and has been nominated for an Oscar. Maybe she just needs a really great role to jump back into the game? Maybe she could play a lesbian with a meth addiction who has two kids that she beats and who cries a lot. That's the best way back to Oscar.
So yeah. Laura Dern. Little Fockers. I'm happy.

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