Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dusting off some heroes

I've been on this old TV kick, but it's been old superhero TV.
I will be honest. I'd never seen an episode of the Green Hornet before today, but because of a marathon on SyFy, I can not say that I've seen four or five episodes. It's interesting to me because if that show was on today, it wouldn't even last through the pilot. It's also interesting because he's got that Clark Kent thing going on, you know, just put on a little mask and no one will know it's you? And I guess I had ideas about what this show would be like and I expected some sort of real villains and stuff. Yeah, that's not really what it is.
But I've also been watching Batman, you know, the series from the 60s. Now I've seen most of those episodes before I think because I used to watch it on TV Land all the time. You remember TV Land. It's the channel that now plays King of Queens and calls is classic?
And you'd think that the first villain on Batman would be the most famous villain right? Not really. It was The Riddler actually. But I will say this. It was overwhelmingly refreshing to watch the first episode of a show and there not be any back story, no origins tale and no long explanation. It started, Riddler's been at it again, gotta call Adam West, done.

There's a simplicity of these shows that is refreshing. Everything on TV now is so high concept, so complex and has so many twists and turns and that's what we love. But audiences then just wanted something spoon fed to them apparently. Maybe they just hadn't experienced the level of television that we have now. I dunno. But really, I've enjoyed watching these shows and experiencing a simpler form of entertainment. Well, that and you've got to love the original BOOM, BOOM and POWs of Batman.

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