Thursday, January 13, 2011

...does whatever a spider can...

I never understood why they would be making another Spider Man movie, much less rebooting the entire franchise and starting over when it hasn't even been a decade since the last movie. But, like all things that don't make sense, Hollywood is doing it. 
The first image of Spider Man has been released now, probably so they can start the press now with Andrew Garfield being at all the award shows this season for The Social Network. Smart on their part. 
Honestly? I dig it. I hope it's grittier. I hope it's darker. I hope it's great. It would be such a shame to reboot something like this (that again, didn't need to be rebooted in the first place) and for it to suck. 
It also doesn't come out until 2012 so it's not like this is something that's happening soon. So I'm kinda wondering why we needed a picture this early. 
Why can't anything be a surprise anymore? You know? Why do we feel like we need to know everything about everything immediately? Remember when they were filming Sex and the City and there were paparazzi shots every single day of the ladies? Why? Why can't we just see it when we see the movie? No one remembers the old adage that good things come to those who wait, but perhaps this doesn't work in Hollywood since waiting doesn't always equate to movies being good. 

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